In a hurry to receive your product? We carry a small inventory of products at the practice. Either stop by to purchase or pick up when you come in for your appointment.

If you’d like to choose from a range of products, we carry 2 lines.  Click here to choose from Jan Marini or skinbetter science to SHOP!

Skinbetter Science

AlphaRet Overnight Cream

Prescription-grade retinoid plus alpha-hydroxy acids for outstanding results with less irritation than traditional retinol products. Plus antioxidants and HA to help sun damage and aging. Indications: fine lines, wrinkles, improvement of texture and tone.

Intensive AlphaRet Overnight Cream

Similar to AlphaRet, but with higher concentration of glycolic acid for enhanced improvement in skin texture. Indications: fine lines, wrinkles, improvement of texture and tone.

Alto Defense Serum

Powerful antioxidant combo to protect against sun damage, improve tone/brightness, improve signs of aging, and reduce redness. Great for all skin types. Indications: sun damage, aging, redness.

A-Team Duo (AlphaRet + Alto Defense)

Combo kit with AlphaRet Overnight Cream plus Alto Defense Serum. Smaller sizes. For first-time buyers, a great way to try both!

Jan Marini Skin Research

Skin Care Management System MD

Complete system with everything you need for great skin care! Includes Bioglycolic Cleanser, C-ESTA Serum, Bioclear Cream, Luminate MD Lotion, Transformation Face Cream, Marini Physical Protectant SPF 45. Indication: comprehensive skin care for almost all skin types.

Luminate Face Lotion MD

Prescription-grade retinol plus non-hydroquinone lightening agents. Excellent for skin with pigmentation issues. Indication: discoloration/pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, aging.

Bioglycolic Cleanser

Glycolic acid provides deeper cleansing and removal of surface layers to enhance resurfacing and prepare the skin for subsequent products. Very effective but still gentle on the skin. Indication: most skin types, ideal first step for any skin regimen.

Duality MD

This benzoyl peroxide cream addresses even the most stubborn adult acne while simultaneously minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its unique dual chamber dispensing solution combines some of the most proven, yet previously incompatible, technologies in one product. The maximum allowed percentage of ultra-micronized benzoyl peroxide, highly concentrated all-trans- retinol, green tea extract, anti-aging peptides, advanced hydrators and antioxidants deliver unparalleled results in an easy-to-use solution.